Finally, after a more then a year of testing inside CVS, Gtk2::SourceView made it to the public.

This Perl module is a wrapper around gtksourceview, the C library used primarily by Gedit. I’ve began writing it in January 2004, after working on Gnome2::Print (libgnomeprint(ui) Perl bindings) and Gnome2::GConf (GConf bindings). After the 1.0 release of the C library, I left it bit-rot inside CVS; this August, Torsten kaffee Schoenfeld did a major overhaul in order to update the build system with the latest and gratest from Glib/Gtk2, and also wrapped many of the remaining objects and methods.

Yesterday evening, I was asked for a release on -perl, and – while at it – I’ve added the accessor methods for the Gtk2::SourceView::TagStyle object, which were left unbound. I’ll do another round in order to wrap the remaining methods and add some more tests inside HEAD.

This also marks my first release on CPAN, so yay for me