hacking: That is, the GMarkup-based XBEL parser that should be used to parse “desktop bookmarks” (recent files, filechooser’s bookmarks, default locations, etc.)

Today I’ve worked hard on the namespace parsing mechanism, and even though I feel like it’s a little too fragile, and it doesn’t cover every conceivable XML namespace declaration, it’s a start. At the moment, it parser the XBEL streams that I pass to it, resulting from libxml2.

I’ll tighten up the namespace marking routines, in order for it to be XML:NS compliant, and hope that nobody messes up with his own bookmarks. :-)

life: Tonight, I made bread with Marta. On Sunday there will be a party at her parents’, and she’s going to cater for 25+ people. We had to go shopping for two days – and believe me: it has been very tiresome.

exams: tomorrow, a C exam.

Update 2005-09-16@09:39: the EggBookmarkFile code hit CVS tonight, and so the code in EggRecentManager using it. Profiling is still on, so it’ll require auto-foo patching, but everything works nicely at the moment. I’ll do more work in the API and more profiling on the widgets, as soon as I can compile sysprof.