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With almost everyone in Boston, both the mailing lists and IRC channels are really quiet; feels a little weird – but I think it’s mostly envy for not being able to go to the other side of the pond and hack away.

Thus, staying here means choosing between 1. cleaning the house with Marta and 2. hacking on the dictionary applet. While the first option would significantly improve my life, the second option is the most tempting. I’ll be a good boy, though, and clean up, now that I finally found to what I’m allergic to (you wouldn’t believe it: absynthe pollen; a potential career as “damned poet” thrown out of the window). Tomorrow I’m going to stay eight hours at the university campus, so I’ll end up working on the dictionary applet anyway…

As a side project, I’ll have to update the desktop bookmarks specification. The new revision should take into account not only the storage format, but the file locations for recently used resources, desktop places and shortcuts; by defining locations and launch behaviour we will be able to create a standard way to access bookmarks to resources on a desktop box. You could access your favourite locations inside your browser, FileChooser dialogs and Nautilus; also, your system administrator could define system-wide locations, in order to access default positions on each machine and on the network – no matter which environment you are using.

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