courtesy of Ulisse Perusin, Tweet now has a rocking icon.

since 0.2 has been released, I’ve also added:

  • a status icon to show error messages and the number of new statuses inside a tooltip; when clicking on it, it will bring up the Tweet window and, more importantly, it will disappear until the next update.
  • key navigation, which required a new release of Clutter-GTK
  • better word wrapping and dimensioning of the cells in the ListView
  • open up the browser when clicking on the user’s icon in the status information overlay

there are still features I’d like to work on before 0.4.0, but all in all current HEAD of master looks fairly stable and useful. if everything goes according to plan, I’ll spin 0.4.0 before GUADEC, and 0.6.0 after I port Tweet to the new shiny Clutter 0.8 API.

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  1. I finally had some time to install clutter and tweet, really nice stuff!

  2. Hello !
    I would like to install your program on Ubuntu Hardy, I try to compil it but i can find clutter-gtk 0.6.2 could you say me where I can get it? I haven’t find this version :/ I have 0.6.1.

    Requested ‘clutter-gtk-0.6 >= 0.6.1’ but version of clutter-gtk is 0.6.0
    Requested ‘clutter-cairo-0.6 >= 0.6.2’ but version of clutter-cairo is 0.6.1

    Thanks for your program

  3. Hmm I spoke too soon :)

    I get “Unable to receive status from twitter: bad request” all the time. It worked when first started, fetching recent tweets and letting my write one tweet but now it just spins the icon and then fails :/

  4. If someone knows how to fix this issue with libtool 2.2…

    Running autoconf… error: possibly undefined macro: LT_CURRENT
    If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.
    See the Autoconf documentation. error: possibly undefined macro: LT_REVISION error: possibly undefined macro: LT_AGE error: possibly undefined macro: LT_VERSION

  5. @micheal: bad gateway means that twitter is not responding or throttling you.

    @atlas95: you’ll have to install clutter-gtk and clutter-cairo from tarballs, until ubuntu will package them.

    @cimi: should be fixed in commit af44a5ce1

  6. @ebassi: “bad request”, not “bad gateway”. I deleted the .json file in .config, authenticated anew (which worked) but I can’t make it work again, same error over and over again :/

  7. I’ve created a package for debian, I could make the request for inclusion in the unstable distribution if Emmanuele agrees.

    Anyway I’ve some problems… graphics are not good. It’s like clutter uses a broken “scale” factor. Everything seems bigger than normal.

    Something broken in the package:
    – aclocal.m4 is missing GNOME_COMMON stuff.
    – tweet.png is not included in the dist, did you forget it in your makefiles?

    What about creating an issue tracker? It’s a nice project, thanks.

  8. @luca: thanks for the package; I’m not entirely confident in having Tweet in the NEW queue – not until it hits a beta stage, after GUADEC when it’ll depend on Clutter 0.8 and friends.
    as for the scale: Tweet doesn’t scale anything. the default resolution is 96 DPI, which I should tweak using GDK’s instead.
    which tweet.png? there are a couple of PNGs for the application icon, and they are correctly installed and dist’ed.
    GNOME_COMMON is provided by the GNOME build scripts.
    as for the issue tracker: I might request an entry in GNOME’s bugzilla, but since Tweet is not hosted on GNOME’s svn – and I don’t plan to move from git to svn – then it would be difficult; Tweet is also a personal project, and I can’t ask my employer to add a product on its bugzilla. so: the code is public, it’s on a DSCM, and I reply to emails and merge requests: I don’t think I need a bug tracking system at the moment.

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