Finally Woken

the first, alpha quality release of Tweet is available here.

Tweet 0.2.0

I’d like to stress out that this is an alpha quality release; I’ve been using it for a while, now, and nothing serious like the destruction of my hard drive happened but I cannot guarantee that it won’t happen to you. you’ve been warned.

from the new-and-shiny department:

  • use NetworkManager to detect a connection change
  • scroll wheel support
  • nice gradients on the speech bubble
  • more readable datetime stamps on each status
  • update the status view with just the new statuses instead of reloading everything

from the stuff-still-missing department:

  • an icon — can I have an icon? please, pretty please with sugar on top?
  • follow/unfollow users
  • direct messages
  • show a particular user
  • show followers and following
  • add a control to open a browser on the current status
  • show error messages instead of silently failing

and finally, from the would-be-nice department:

  • use Gypsy to update the location
  • exporting the status archive

if you want to give a hand, just clone the repository:

  git clone git://

and hack away! :-)

4 Replies to “Finally Woken”

  1. When looking at that screenshot I wonder how twitter is different to IRC or XMPP. Wondering even more, if Telepathy should have a twitter connection manager. Hmm… or does twitter speak XMPP already?

  2. @mathias: twitter is similar to irc and xmpp in the sense that every messaging system (includng xmpp) is a rehash of irc.

    in fact, you can already send twitter statuses via xmpp – but the whole point of twitter is sending sms-like statuses (including the 160 chars limit), not having a roster and doing real-time instant messaging. so no: a telepathy connection manager would probably be overkill, if it could be at all implemented.

    also, using telepathy would have been pointless in my exercise of using libsoup, libjson-glib and clutter. ;-)

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