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Good Intentions

unique: this morning I released version 0.9.4 of libunique, everyone (least) favourite library for writing single instance applications. it’s mostly a bug fixing release, and since I’ve decided to release 1.0.0 soon, this is also the first release candidate for … Continue reading

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Rhyme the rhyme well

Jason, it’s not just the canvas: writing a simple 2D canvas is trivial — that’s why a lot of applications end up writing their own homegrown one. The hard bits are the animation framework, the event handling and down to … Continue reading

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Time to Build

Claudio did some interesting profiling (and patching) of the BookmarkFile implementation in GLib — so kudos to him and Felix. one thing that he noted is: However, I still have the feeling that letting ~\.recently-used.xbel grow without control is very, … Continue reading

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last post of the Berlin Hackfest series, written on the last minutes of day 5 today was “wrap up” day. we got together in the room used for the presentations and summed up all our work during the various sessions … Continue reading

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second and third day of the hackfest, edited on day five on tuesday, Behdad and I started working on OpenGL integration inside GTK+. as stated multiple times on the Bugzilla entry, what we both would like is a Cairo-like integration … Continue reading

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The Laws Have Changed

This week I got an invite for trying out Github beta. Github is a nice service providing some space and tools to set up git repositories for open source projects. Obviously, setting up HTTP (dumb) read-only git repos is doable … Continue reading

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Helm, set a course… for love

a GNOME cruise? I already have the theme song… GNOME-Love Boat, love exciting and new, Come aboard, we’re expecting you. The GNOME-Love Boat soon will be making another release, The GNOME-Love Boat promises something for everyone. Set a course for … Continue reading

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Paint the Silence/2

Continuing the ongoing saga… Using the –silence hackery from Jacob Berkman I found a way to finally STFU at least libtool. In your add: changequote(,)dnl LIBTOOL=”\\$(QUIET_LT)${LIBTOOL}” changequote([,])dnl Add a Makefile.decls file to the root of your project, containing: QUIET_LT … Continue reading

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Rag And Bone

Usually, when writing bindings for a C library in a high level language, there’s a sweet spot where you have to leave the relative safety of an API similar to the library you are wrapping and the idiomatic correctness dictated … Continue reading

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Paint the Silence

Weee, long time, no blog. Dear Lazyweb, is it at all possible to coerce the devilspawn also known as libtool to actually be quiet when compiling and printing something like the kernel compilation outpout – that is, something like: GEN … Continue reading

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