Helm, set a course… for love

a GNOME cruise? I already have the theme song…

GNOME-Love Boat, love exciting and new,
Come aboard, we're expecting you.

The GNOME-Love Boat soon will be making another release,
The GNOME-Love Boat promises something for everyone.

Set a course for adventure,
Your box's on a new romance.

And GNOME-Love
Won't hurt anymore,
It's an open source,
On a userfriendly shore.

it's GNOME-Love
Welcome aboard it's GNOME-love
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2 Responses to Helm, set a course… for love

  1. we still need the official GNOME song. your one is another candidate, though the melody is probably copyrighted. ;-)

  2. mallum says:

    Absolute Genius.

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