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Apocalypse Please

if you need to create a string holding a datestamp, please — for the love of everything that’s holy and just and pure in this universe — stop abusing the patience of everyone on this planet, and use the ISO … Continue reading

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Some Things Come From Nothing

json-glib: 0.6 is out! please: download it, test it, use it. as far as I know, it has been packaged for Debian unstable, and has entered the NEW queue (kudos to Rob Bradford, esquire and fine gentleman). debian: with the … Continue reading

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Good Intentions/2

gtk+: I’ve been working again on the RecentManager and in trunk you’ll see some new stuff, namely: use GIO to determine the MIME type of a URI, on every platform supported use the file monitoring API to avoid polling the … Continue reading

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Rhyme the rhyme well

Jason, it’s not just the canvas: writing a simple 2D canvas is trivial — that’s why a lot of applications end up writing their own homegrown one. The hard bits are the animation framework, the event handling and down to … Continue reading

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Meet the Farce

comedy gold or bad acid trip? personally, epic fail kudos to pgc

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Helm, set a course… for love

a GNOME cruise? I already have the theme song… GNOME-Love Boat, love exciting and new, Come aboard, we’re expecting you. The GNOME-Love Boat soon will be making another release, The GNOME-Love Boat promises something for everyone. Set a course for … Continue reading

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Small Print

Could someone please tell me why notification-daemon holds ~51000 windows after two days of uptime? 51700 windows? Really? Now, I accept the idea that maybe xrestop is lying (and mallum on my back is ready to hit me) but this … Continue reading

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