Small Print

Could someone please tell me why notification-daemon holds ~51000 windows after two days of uptime?

Notification Daemon
51700 windows? Really?

Now, I accept the idea that maybe xrestop is lying (and mallum on my back is ready to hit me) but this sounds like a huge leak somewhere.

Please, someone tell me this is a known bug in Ubuntu Feisty and that Gutsy is already fixed.

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  1. Is it an ugly leak? It took you a long time after Feisty was released to notice it and nobody else seems to be complaining.

    I agree, it sucks, but it’s hardly a security or usability risk. Unless the backport is trivial, it’s probably not worth the time.

    Edit: yes, it’s a ugly leak. the number of windows in X is a 16 bit number, afair, and if after two days of real system use (with suspend in the middle) and mail notification you can dangerously reach that limit, all kinds of hell are going to fall down. you won’t be able to do anything – except kill X. I’d say it’s a usability risk, a potential data loss risk – and even go as far as saying it’s a security risk. so I’d expect at very least a backport. this bug, it seems from the reports on launchpad, was identified months ago.

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