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All the Old Showstoppers

okay, new rule1: it’s okay to install a GObject property like this: pspec = g_param_spec_string (“title”, “Title”, “The title of the item”, NULL, G_PARAM_READWRITE); g_object_class_install_property (gobject_class, PROP_TITLE, pspec); instead of the usual way you see in other GObject-based libraries, where … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Please

if you need to create a string holding a datestamp, please — for the love of everything that’s holy and just and pure in this universe — stop abusing the patience of everyone on this planet, and use the ISO … Continue reading

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Small Print

Could someone please tell me why notification-daemon holds ~51000 windows after two days of uptime? 51700 windows? Really? Now, I accept the idea that maybe xrestop is lying (and mallum on my back is ready to hit me) but this … Continue reading

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Back in Black

Dear ATi, if you’re not even able to make decent drivers for your own (admittedly crappy) graphic hardware, please have the decency to fail and go out of business as you rightfully deserve. No love,   Emmanuele.

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Well, it seems that after six years a new release of Emacs is out – and it uses GTK+ as the GUI toolkit. I’d like to think that what took so long was not adding this thing to the file … Continue reading

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Twist The Knife

Dear LazyWeb: I’m trying to clean up the python bindings for the next release of a GObject-based library, so I’m using pygtk and its codegen magic; unfortunately, being an incredibly bad program, I can’t see why or how it’s … Continue reading

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How Good It Can Be

Corey, why on earth should we switch from an entire set of system configuration tools written in Perl to another one written in Python? Just for the sake of Python? Just because there are more Python zealots^Whackers on GNOME than … Continue reading

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Davyd is absolutely right: steer away from any new-ish Epson printer you see, no matter how cheap they throw it at you. When I was living with my parents, I “inherited” an old StylusColor 760 – easily the best printer … Continue reading

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This is a comment I left on Philip’s blog in response to Ross’ blog. question: what are we, third graders that we must do all this touchy-feely, “we must not make comments” stuff? ross’ comment was a bit on the … Continue reading

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