Back in Black

Dear ATi,

if you’re not even able to make decent drivers for your own (admittedly crappy) graphic hardware, please have the decency to fail and go out of business as you rightfully deserve.

No love,

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  1. The hardware isn’t crappy (provable by using other implementations of OpenGL), but their drivers certainly are.

  2. Dear Emmanuele,

    ATi was swallowed by AMD. Therefore they will probably be unable to comply with your decency request.


    ;) Not affiliated with ATi in any way

  3. Greetings Emmanuele!

    What’s wrong or what’s the “incident” at hand? I’m just curious. Just from the sound of your complain I feel lucky to have been able to stay away from any graphics-hardware from ATI/AMD.

    I wonder though, if the “revenge”-project (using the clean reverse-engineering methods put forth by the “nouveau”-project) will be able to improve the state of OpenSource driver support for people forced to use these GPUs from ATI/AMD.

  4. @karl

    I know. though I like amd chips, I’d like for them to be swallowed by a huge black hole and vanish into oblivion.


    sometimes the fglrx driver crashes my x server completely at random, and does so even for ten times in a row.

  5. have you looked whether the OSS “radeon” driver supports your card? If so, you can get a support almost as good as intels.

    the radeon driver is currently much more advanced than the noveau project. it basically only lacks stuff like GLSL/ software TnL support.

  6. @pavel

    I did; I have bad texture memory corruption and artifacts when I use the OSS driver, and since I have to use GL every other day at ${DAY_JOB} I can’t afford to use it.

  7. I had one this case where some silly engineer had taken a chip designed for laptops only and put it on a real agp card. Without telling the driver guys of such and editing one of the identification strings for the “new model”. The ramdacs were mixed. I plugged in a cable and the card started working automatically sending the picture… To the wrong connector.

    I contacted ATI, they actually went to find a few of those weirdo cards for the developers and fixed the thing. I was amazed, they did exactly what they should have done.

    The hardware is not very crappy either. They have constantly fought over the #1 spot in the limelight with the Nvidia. Good for games, good for other uses as well. And they got some more professional cards there as well which is very very nice.

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