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When the World Ends

I’m delaying my sleep time further on, after two hours on IRC discussing the gtk+ 3.x issues spawned by Miguel’s blog post, because there are a few points I’d like to make. discussion: the first, and foremost, is: let’s not … Continue reading

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this GUADEC has been quite a ride, and we’re just halfway through. gtk+: the gtk+ team meeting on tuesday went really well — and part of the discussion was incorporated in Kris always excellent State of the union talk. the … Continue reading

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the song from the Decemberists, not the city finally arrived at Istanbul with the rest of the OH gang. it has been quite a trip, with a massive delay at Heathrow caused by bad weather1. we landed around 2am local … Continue reading

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just landed in Berlin, for the GTK+ Hackfest. At the moment, I’m hanging out in the dbus/gsettings/gdata/gtkapplication room with desrt, MacSlow, gicmo, chpe and herzi waiting for somebody (and I’m looking at you, behdad) with a key for my room … Continue reading

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Travelling Band

Im in ur FOSDEM givin u talk

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Kingdom of Spain

Clutter: Today I released the first developers snapshot of Clutter 0.6 – Clutter 0.5.0. The full announcement is on the Clutter blog, and since it’s very long, I won’t copy and paste it here. You can grab 0.5.0 here; as … Continue reading

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Back in Black

Dear ATi, if you’re not even able to make decent drivers for your own (admittedly crappy) graphic hardware, please have the decency to fail and go out of business as you rightfully deserve. No love,   Emmanuele.

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Song for Sunshine

I just made two releases for gnome-utils: the first is 2.16.2, another release in the stable branch, which fixes a couple of bugs in Baobab and Screenshot that were also fixed in HEAD and deemed important enough to be backported. … Continue reading

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Shake Your Groove Thing

Still in Italy, for the next 48 hours at least The wedding went incredibly well: the ceremony itself was so short (twenty minutes) that I don’t remember much of it. We were married in a beautiful building in Milan, with … Continue reading

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Well, it’s been a full week since I moved to London, and everything is coming along quite nicely. The house is really cool, with a big bedroom and an even bigger dining room. It’s still missing some bits of furniture, … Continue reading

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