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Small Print

Could someone please tell me why notification-daemon holds ~51000 windows after two days of uptime? 51700 windows? Really? Now, I accept the idea that maybe xrestop is lying (and mallum on my back is ready to hit me) but this … Continue reading

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How Good It Can Be

Corey, why on earth should we switch from an entire set of system configuration tools written in Perl to another one written in Python? Just for the sake of Python? Just because there are more Python zealots^Whackers on GNOME than … Continue reading

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Davyd is absolutely right: steer away from any new-ish Epson printer you see, no matter how cheap they throw it at you. When I was living with my parents, I “inherited” an old StylusColor 760 – easily the best printer … Continue reading

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Next week-end I’ll be in Brussels, at this year’s FOSDEM. I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to go or not – late flight booking and I had to check at two hostels before actually getting some place to sleep. … Continue reading

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This is a comment I left on Philip’s blog in response to Ross’ blog. question: what are we, third graders that we must do all this touchy-feely, “we must not make comments” stuff? ross’ comment was a bit on the … Continue reading

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I’ve just donated to the GNOME Foundation. Not much (but since I got back to studying for this year, my <marketspeak>revenue stream</marketspeak> has really slowed down), but I plan to donate more money, aside from my time as a developer, … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Linux

Yesterday, I’ve downloaded the first official release of Ubuntu Linux – codenamed Warty Warthog. It seems – as I’ve been reading on Planet GNOME and Planet Debian – that this distro is the Next Best Thing® for desktop usage, so … Continue reading

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Trash Applet

Skimming through the gnome-devel list, I found the announcement of a simple Trash applet for the GNOME panel, made by Michiel Sikkes (here‘s the site, with a screenshot). I think it’s a great idea: sometimes the Trash icon is simply … Continue reading

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