Late Night Hacking

Another night of late hour hacking session.

Trash applet

I’ve hooked up a working version of Michiel’s trash applet; it now has a stub menu entry that recalls the online help, and I also added the possibility to open up a Nautilus window with the trash: URI.

GNOME Trash Applet
Uh oh, time to empty the trash bin…


I’m still learning ORBit2 implementation of CORBA, in order to write the user daemon serving the GnomePimClient object. I thought about dumping the entire concept of the user daemon and using FAM to watch and update the XML files.


I’ve never learned proper JavaScript programming; I always dissed it, maybe beacuse of the bad habit, in the DotBomb era, of using it for everything (especially when not needed), making web pages practically unusable. Last night I had to write a simple countdown function which periodically updates the content of a XHTML entity; in just ten minutes I grasped the basics of the Document Object Model structure exposed inside the language interpreter, and had my function basically being written by itself. JavaScript (or, better, ECMAScript) surely has come a long way to finally being usable for serious client-side web programming.