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All the Old Showstoppers

okay, new rule1: it’s okay to install a GObject property like this: pspec = g_param_spec_string (“title”, “Title”, “The title of the item”, NULL, G_PARAM_READWRITE); g_object_class_install_property (gobject_class, PROP_TITLE, pspec); instead of the usual way you see in other GObject-based libraries, where … Continue reading

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Good Intentions/2

gtk+: I’ve been working again on the RecentManager and in trunk you’ll see some new stuff, namely: use GIO to determine the MIME type of a URI, on every platform supported use the file monitoring API to avoid polling the … Continue reading

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About JSON-GLib: things have gone quiet on that front, but lately I’ve resumed working on it1. I decided to try the new GLib test framework that has landed in the 2.15 cycle; GLib and GTK+ are both already using it, … Continue reading

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