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The Mariner’s Revenge Song

From the libegg’s ChangeLog: 2006-05-07 Emmanuele Bassi Finally deprecate EggRecent. So long, and thanks for all the bugs. * libegg/recent-files/THIS_IS_DEPRECATED_USE_GTK_RECENT_CHOOSER: * libegg/recent-files/egg-recent-model.h: Deprecate the EggRecent code, now that GTK 2.9.0 is out; if you want to compile it, you must … Continue reading

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Gtk+ 2.9.0 released

Finally, the first development release of GTK+ (codenamed The Magic Project Ridley aka libgnome sucks release by a developer whose name won’t be disclosed in this blog) has been finally sealed by Matthias Clasen yesterday, after battling with make distcheck. … Continue reading

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