Something on my back

dear, all-knowing and all-powerful lazyweb;

what’s the reason why python segfaults ((yes, python segfaults — and it does inside pygobject)) with this error message:

TypeError: Cannot create a consistent method resolution
order (MRO) for bases Container, Scriptable

when I’m trying to instantiate a python class inheriting from a C class that implements those two interfaces? just for the record:

  • the interfaces have no colliding methods
  • the python class is registering a GObject type
  • the python class has no colliding method with either interfaces

I can point at the code or, if python-gobject/gtk maintainers are at GUADEC, I can show them right away. you can easily find me: I’m the one swearing at python.

Paint the Silence

Weee, long time, no blog.

Dear Lazyweb,

is it at all possible to coerce the devilspawn also known as libtool to actually be quiet when compiling and printing something like the kernel compilation outpout – that is, something like:

  GEN autogenerated.c
  CC file1.c
  CC file2.c
  LINK output
  INSTALL output

I know how to do that with a plain Makefile, and how to do it for autogenerated files like the enumeration types and the GLib marshallers, but I have no clue where to start to make libtool behave.