Chemical Brothers

I saw today on the Planet that Miguel linked the documentary filmed by italian jorunalists working for the italian public broadcaster (RAI, which oddly enough should be, and is written as, an acronym but it expands to nothing). It was broadcasted on the satellite channels, and announced the day before broadcasting on various national media.

I saw the documentary, but I do fear that I’m in the minority of people that actually did so – not just because it was broadcasted on satellite only (Marta says that it was the only way to be broadcasted at all; it simply would have been “lost” in the archives, were it to be seen on national television), but it was also broadcasted at 7:30 in the morning, and the day of a national, 24-hours strike of the journalists guild (I know, don’t even get me started on this), which was protesting against the so-called “work flexibility” – which roughly means that your employee has the right to fuck you over by hiring you on a six to twelve months time-scale, paying you with a third world country wage because this way of hiring is not regulated, not even by minimal wages (it’s funny: when the bill permitting this major fuck up of the jobs and welfare system was signed, journalists were nowhere to be found to write about it; now they’re all upset).

So, to sum up: satellite broadcast + wrong broadcast time + no media coverage = no-one saw it.

I assume that the fact the italian Prime Minister, who’s also a direct and indirect owner of basically the 80% of the italian media, considers himself a big pal of Dubya has nothing to do with this.