The Rake’s Song

today is my last day here, at Intel.

it’s been an honour and a privilege working with one of the best teams in one of the best companies in the world. as I leave behind people that humbled me and made me a better engineer, I cannot but feel a bit sad; still, all good things must come to an end — and I’m sure that the good things done will, in time, temper the bad things that happened during these nearly four years.

what will happen on Monday, I’ll leave for a latter blog post — but suffice it to say that I’m going to stick around the free and open source software community at large (and GNOME in particular) for a while longer.

I know what your question will be: what happens to Clutter’s maintainership? well, if the demise of Moblin and MeeGo, and the rise of Tizen, haven’t killed Clutter I suppose nothing short of an asteroid impact will. so if you were already planning to open the champagne bottle and celebrate me stepping down from my self-appointed position of Clutter (almost) benevolent dictator, I’m afraid you’ll have to postpone the party for a long while.

I also want to thank all the people that voted for me, as well as the other candidates in the GNOME Foundation elections for the Board of Directors.

finally, see you all at GUADEC 2012:

GUADEC 2012 Badge

where I’ll give a talk about Clutter 2.0 and GTK+ 4.0.