Thanks to hadess little WindowMaker &
GNOME howto (posted to Gnotices I tried out
Window Maker again last night for the first time in over a
year. It was a pleasant reunation. WindowMaker still
doesn’t seem to support gnome session management, but I
guess I can live with that.

Spent time last evening editing my interview with Jim
Gettys, interesting stuff. Needs some more fixes then of
for final editing, approval and then finally publication.

Things are really looking good in the GNOME camp these
days. New cool stuff keeps popping up, old modules gets
lots of work done (like the recent work on gnome-media and
gnome-utils) and a new release of Nautilus with further
optimisations and improvements is on the way.

We are also getting ready to release the 0.2.0 release of
GStreamer which I am
really looking forward too. It is still a developer release
in the sense that all things aren’t ready yet, end users
especially will see that the gstmediaplay GUI frontend
still is a work in progress. But we are getting there with
a steady flow of new developers joining the project and 6
months from now I think GStreamer will definetly have
established itself as the de-facto standard for Linux
multimedia. As omega pointed out we have
more weekly CVS commits now than Evolution for instance.
(yeah, yeah I know CVS commits isn’t a very good
measurement of anything, but still :)

Downloading Solaris for Intel in order to be able to do
some compilation testing and bug reporting of selected
GNOME modules. Relaying on gman for
Solaris testing isn’t a working solution, especially since
he is supposed to be hacking on a cool little traceroute
toy *hint* *hint*

Been mostly a good weekend. Spent most of it on the
sailboat, eating good food, listening to good music and
talking to good friends. Saturday night we cast anchor
outside a small town in the Oslofjord and went out for some
beers. Found a really lively place with a great atmosphere,
fun music and of course beutiful women.

A perfect trip hadn’t the boat engine broke down on the way
back, since there was almost no wind we spent around 8
hours on the last few kilometers.

On the writing front I got mail back from Jim Gettys
today with the answer to my final question for the interview
I am doing with him. Hopefully it will be up on Linuxpower later this

It has been some time since last we published something on
Linuxpower now, but since it is summer in Norway now I am
not inclined to spend as much time indoors, which limits
the amount of time I have to do this stuff.
ErikLevy,katzj and
crudman has not been in a writing frenzy
either lately. I wish we could have more writers on
Linuxpower to keep content coming out more frequently, but
finding people who like to write seems hard to do.
(volunteers please come forward.) I guess we could increase
our article count by going down the same road as
Linuxplanet have and do lots of editorials, but I think
this is a crappy solution. Editorials have their place, and
are quick to do, but they should not make up the bulk of
the content, which is my impression of how things are at

Another reason my writing a calmed downed somewhat is
increasing amount of work done on GNOME related stuff, like
the GNOME weekly summaries and misc. website stuff. I have
also been spending some time lately trying to aquire some
basic hacking skills, think I am making some progress, but
I am not there yet.

Sucky day, trouble never come alone and this day has it in
in big amounts. Trying to fix one problem I caused another
bigger problem. Bigger problem once again solved, while
original problem now left alone. New rule: if it partially
works, don’t fix it.

First stab at adding a link to the GNOME Foundation on the frontpage last evening. Found that the setup of
the frontpage is made in hacker heaven, unfortunatly I am
not a real hacker so I just think it is bloody complicated.
Guess I take a new shot at it very soon, but I have to
really test this stuff localy before I dare try commit this
onto CVS.

My new GNOME summary is finished, all needed is
for me to update the makesfiles so it gets built on

Green winter sumarises Oslo the last few days, Sun & blue
sky but still tempratures around 10-14 degrees. Hopefully
it will get better soon cause I am hoping to spend some
more time on the sailboat this year that last year.

Had quite a productive day yesterday with some long overdue
mails getting writen, and some much needed GNOME website
fixing. My plan is to try to fix as many issues as possible
with the current GNOME site, which will mostly constrict
itself to content fixes. Other big projects like a new
software map and a working event calendar will probably not
change until the gnome-web-devel team gets their new setup
running. My main roadmap for changes up to now has been the
slew of unanswered reports of broken links etc., on

I was also very happy to discover today that posting
information on GNOME-love in the GNOME Summary had lead to
a little explosion on subscribers to the gnome-love mailing
list. It is when things like that happens that I feel that
the time myself and Steve George put into that Summary
really pays off.

Sent my big long mail to gnome-hackers yesterday about
bundling GStreamer in with GNOME 2.0. Few replies on
gnome-hackers except for Alan Cox chimming in.
We had a big discussion on #gnome instead, which I just
wrote a summary from. Wonder how that will get responded too :)

17th of May, it is Norway’s national day today yet I am at
work. One more case of having big trouble getting Oracle
Applications to play nice after an upgrade. I am starting
to come to the conclusion that is was a mistake of my to
start working in the technical field. I have a Masters
degree in Marketing and Economics yet is spending my days
in a telnet session pendling Unix commands and SQL scripts.
It is a saying which says you shouldn’t make your hobby you
work, and I am starting to think its true. Having my hobby
also being my work is taking the fun out of my

My Uncle wants me to come and work with him at his company
doing Management Consulting, I might just do that.

Got the latest GNOME Weekly summary posted last night.
Got some criticism for metioning the probable imminent
Eazel shutdown, since there haven’t been any official Eazel
announcment yet. And I see the point that people might see
anything that is in the summaries as something official,
but on the other hand I didn’t want it to look like we
tried to cover it up or something by not mentioning it.

Didn’t get it up on Gnotices however since there was some
small startup problems with the new Gnotice setup. It is
fixed now, but I need to chat with Elliot to get my
administrator account for the new Gnotices activated.

Crudman thanks for the Nvidia patch,
doesn’t work yet for me, but I haven’t had that much time
to look at it yet either.

raph: I don’t agree with you on suggesting
that gregf posting belongs on Skolos. His
posting was not really about sex the way I saw it, it was a
opinion piece on western judgementalness and to some extent
racist opinions of a country and their culture. By asking
him to move I almost feelt like you placed yourself in the
same category as his australian ex-friend.

Being the founder of Advogato I guess you have the
inside track on what Advogato is supposed to be, but there
has been lots of political postings here before without you
stricking out at it.

Ok, over to something that is definetly Advogato related. I
tried out Galeon
today with Mozilla 0.9. (I compiled galeon using Mozilla 0.9
and the –enable-mozilla-cvs parameter). WOW! The rendering
speed is simply increadible, Galeon must now be the fastest
web browser available on Linux. I have tested most Linux
browsers, including other who claim to be fast like
Konqueror and Opera, but no browser has impressed me so much
speedwise as this latest Galeon+Moz release did. Thanks for
the incredible work.

Hate, a word I become quite familiar with last night.
The background is that last Friday I where to have my
sailboat set on water. But I after me and my friends
arrived at the harbour we where told that the crane cable
was begining to break so they couldn’t set out somethings
as heavy as a sailboat. Ok, a little irritated that they
didn’t call and tell us that our appointment was cancelled,
but we didn’t complain.

Ok yesterday second attempt. Arrives at the harbour and the
boat is lifted onto the river. It turns out the river is to
shallow and the sailboat stands on its keel on the bottom
of the river. The harbour master tells us just to wait a
couple of hours until the tide comes in and everything will
be fine. Ok, while we felt that he as a proffesional should
have a) checked how deep the river was and b) have maybe
waited until high-tide to set the boat on the water we
didn’t complain. Ok, tide comes in and boat doesn’t budge,
still to shallow. Harbour master suggests we wait till
morning since the tide might be higher then. Ok, we have no
choice but to accept that.

Arrive at harbour this morning
and boat is still stuck, the tide isn’t any higher (didn’t
really expect it to be.) Not only that, but that asshole
harbour master wasn’t there and doesn’t arrive before
midday, aargh. Hope that bloody ass has a plan for how to
get the boat onto the ocean, cause I getting tired of his
bloody amatourism and passive attitude toward our problem.
(Which will be his problem too since he can’t put any other
boats on the water until we are moved.)

Ok, a small, yet irritating, dark could is hanging over my
new SGI/Red Hat XFS system. The problem is with devfs,
which I think is a great thing technically, but current
practical limitations give me a headache. I even emailed
the devfs creator Richard Gooch who replied back to me the
same day. And even though I am gratefull for Richard taking
the time to answer a email from a end-user like myself, he
confirmed my theory that I need to make some sort of script
which recreates my /dev nodes for the drivers I need
which /devfs currently doesn’t support. This is mainly the
sounddriver and the commercial NVIDIA driver in my case.

So now I am pondering wether to: a) try to figure out
how to
make such a script or b) simply reinstall to basic RH7.1
again. Making such a script would probably be a good
learning experience and it would allow me to keep my cool
bleeding edge devfs/XFS system. The downside is that I
don’t really want to spend a couple of evenings researching
how to do it. I guess the compromise here is just to try to
find some examples scripts online or some sort of howto, if
I find that I go for the script making solution, if not I
go for the reinstall.

The team is meeting for a couple of beers in
Oslo today. We will join up at Cafe SjakkMatt at 1900, then
probably move on to somewhere which has outdoor serving
(with just 3 months of summer each year we have to use them
to the maximum :). We have a nice growth rate going from 3
persons the last time to 5 this time. Guess we
have to start make reservations soon for our gatherings :)

The meeting is mostly a social event, but we also have to
decide wether to register as a foundation or an volunteer-
organisation. While it would be nice to register as a
foundation like GNOME international is, it do put some
extra work on our hands which includes such stuff as
writing laws and sending in a yearly financial statement
even if we have no money transactions. If we just register
as a volunteer-organisation things are much less formal.
Could be that there are some good financial/practical
reasons for becoming a foundation in Norway, but I have
failed to discover what that is unless you plan on making
it a business-venture of some sort.

Fedora, Red Hat, GStreamer and more


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