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Gnome-utils 2.13.91 – Ain’t That a Brown Paper Bag?

The first second β-release of the Gnome-utils package is out! Fixes for crashers, better error handling, font settings and much more! Go get it! Update Gnome-utils 2.13.90 had a glitch in the build system that resulted in the absence of … Continue reading

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I’ve just updated the Recent Files and Bookmarks page on Gnome’s wiki: some (long due) clean ups and typo checking, but I’ve also added a porting guide, showing how to use the RecentManager and RecentChooser objects: addition, look up, display, … Continue reading

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With the incoming release of Gnome 2.13.90, we are approaching the 2.14 version of Gnome. Now, features are frozen, and soon even changing the UI will require at least two approvals (one from the GUP and one from the release … Continue reading

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The next release of gnome-utils, 2.13.90, will make libgdict adhere to the API/ABI freeze, even if it’s not part of the Gnome Developer Platform but only of the Desktop. The freeze had been in effect since the last release (January … Continue reading

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It’s been snowing since yesterday morning, here in Milan. Waking up with 20 cm of snow and watching it grow has some sort of hypnotical beauty, which vanishes as soon as you realize that: two of the major national airports … Continue reading

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Developement Trunk

Shamed by kris’ post about the state of Project Ridley stuff, I resumed the recent-files hacking after the gnome-utils/gnome-dictionary crazy run that occupied my nights in the last three months or so. RecentManager and RecentChooser I already did a review … Continue reading

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Release Craziness

Tonight it was release time – when GNOME tarballs were due in order to allow 48 hours of smoke testing before the actual release, on January 18th. I did the gnome-utils release, and decided to hang out a bit on … Continue reading

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New release of gnome-utils

I’ve just rolled the 2.13.5 release of gnome-utils, code-named Optimized for Size. This release sports a ton of fixes for Dictionary, which now can remember its size and state across sessions; the usage (in the Search Tool and in Dictionary) … Continue reading

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I’ve began working on a new build environment for Glib, Glib::Builder. Glib should use it, and provide it for Gtk2, Gnome2 and the other Perl bindings; well, hopefully, and when it’s finished, that is. It should also supercede not only … Continue reading

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There And Back Again

There (to Berlin) and Back (to work) again. Continue reading

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