New release of gnome-utils

I’ve just rolled the 2.13.5 release of gnome-utils, code-named Optimized for Size.

This release sports a ton of fixes for Dictionary, which now can remember its size and state across sessions; the usage (in the Search Tool and in Dictionary) of the new, spiffy, faster and lighter GSlice slab allocator from GLib HEAD branch, which means that gnome-utils now forcefully depends on at least the 2.9.1 version of GLib; also, the Dictionary got two new localized dictionary sources, one for French and one for Spanish. I hope to add more of those sources, since it’s really quite easy and having localized dictionaries would make the Dictionary utility even more useful.

The full announcement has been posted on the gnome-utils mailing list, and it’s available here.

Be sure to grab it, test it and bug it.