Issue 11

December 21, 2008

This week… 1540 commits, in 182 projects, by 162 happy hackers (and 229 were translation commits).

  • Most important, ORBit2 stopped calling g_thread_init() to accomodate the sensitiveness of Microsoft Windows and will display a warning if it was not previously called, this will need changes in a lot of places. (GNOME bug 547885)
  • Jürg Billeter fixed lots of bugs in vala, applied patches, and generally enhanced things (notably the D-Bus server was rewritten to directly use libdbus, without dbus-glib marshalling) and released 0.5.3.
  • Vala-related, Stefan Walter removed last vala traces from seahorse.
  • The libgnomeui dependency was removed from the brightness and inhibit applets, NetworkManager OpenVPN and PPTP support, and libgnome usage was removed from the dictionary applet.
  • Alexander Larsson merged eel into nautilus and eel usage was consequently removed from nautilus-cd-burner and brasero.
  • Empathy got autocompletion of contact names in its “new message” dialog box. (GNOME bug 552296)
  • Patrick Welche updated Dasher from gnome-vfs to gvfs.
  • g_timeout_add_seconds replaced g_timeout_add in several new places: in nautilus-sendto, gnome-power-manager, gedit, gnome-games, seahorse.
  • The AAC profile, as defined in gnome-media, and used by applications such as Sound Juicer and gnome-sound-recoreder, switched to LC-AAC profile. (GNOME bug 498617)
  • Top projects

    Project Commits
    vala 90
    seed 85
    ooo-build 56
    gnome-scan 54
    gnomemm 52
    evolution 45
    empathy 38
    tracker 35
    anjuta 33
    rygel 33

    Top authors

    Author Commits Modules
    Jürg Billeter 91 vala, gtksourceview
    Robert Carr 66 seed, gir-repository
    Jorge Gonzalez Gonzalez 64 ekiga, gnome-media, evolution and others
    Étienne Bersac 56 gnome-scan, gegl
    Bastien Nocera 53 nautilus-cd-burner, totem, gnome-media and others
    Matej Urbančič 45 vino, eog, libgweather and others
    Xavier Claessens 37 empathy
    Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 35 rygel, jhbuild
    Murray Cumming 31 gnomemm, glom, libgda and others
    Gabor Keleman 31 gimp, network-manager-openconnect, damned-lies and others