Issue 92

July 11, 2010

This week… 1620 commits, in 162 projects, by 206 happy hackers (and 232 were translation commits).

  • Yuvaraj Pandian T enhanced the speed of swtiching to the effects brower in his Cheese three-point-oh branch.
  • Shaun McCance added a (roughly) topological page sort for Mallard documents.
  • Evince, GNOME Shell, Brasero and Empathy all have been switched to GTK+ 3.
  • Jakub Steiner commited new symbolic icons, forcopy, cut, paste and more.
  • Support for non-GObject fundamental objects has been added to gobject-introspection; it is mostly interesting for being able to support GstMiniObject’s which are extensivly used in GStreamer.
  • Peter Bloomfield has added support for older IMAP servers, that do not advertise the “RIGHTS=” capability, to Balsa.
  • Robert Ancell added support for enumerations in dconf-editor.
  • Johan Dahlin pushed a llvm branch into pygobject, he explains the purpose on his website, in Using LLVM to speed up function invocation in a dynamic language binding post.
  • A backend for tasks has been pushed into evolution-couchdb.
  • Enrico Minack added currency support to the Invest applet. (GNOME bug 339127, GNOME bug 609547).
  • The feature_backup2 branch of glom got created, which adds support for making backups, and restore, of glom databases.
  • Aaron Bockover added handling of Amazon MP3 store music previews and samples to Banshee.
  • The ability to sort by image/video dimensions has been added into gthumb.
  • Last, the summers of code are still making improvements, for example Luca Invernizzi started working on both a remember the milk and a couchdb plugins for Getting Things GNOME, and Michal Hruby spent time improving Sezen, etc.

Top projects

Project Commits
tracker 198
f-spot 135
glib 90
empathy 87
gnumeric 57
gimp 55
anjuta 41
gtk+ 37
banshee 36
brasero 35

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Ruben Vermeersch 106 f-spot, hyena
Jürg Billeter 79 tracker, vala
Guillaume Desmottes 74 empathy
Matthias Clasen 69 glib, gtk+, gdk-pixbuf
Aleksander Morgado 59 tracker
Jorge González 41 empathy, glib, ocrfeeder and others
Philip Van Hoof 36 tracker
Matej Urbančič 31 fast-user-switch-applet, gtk+, ekiga and others
Mario Blättermann 31 tracker, f-spot, glabels and others
Michael Natterer 30 gimp