Issue 126

March 6, 2011

This week… 2130 commits, in 204 projects, by 261 happy hackers (and 542 were translation commits).

  • Gabriel Burt made removing many pages in pdfmod much faster. (GNOME bug 630012)
  • Paolo Bacchilega added some statistical information to the histogram view in gthumb.
  • Support for gobject introspection has been added to libgtop by Maxim Ermilov.
  • In goffice Jean Bréfort implemented a GSettings back for GOConf. (GNOME bug 643767)
  • Together with Morten Welinder he also much improved the import of xlsx files in Gnumeric.
  • Ulrik Sverdrup added a simple plugin to send microblogging updates via Gwibber from Kupfer.
  • William Jon McCann added a number emblem to indicate the number of queued messages in notification daemon.
  • Bastien Nocera changed gnome-settings-daemon to hard-code the default screen DPI, as it’s not possible at the moment to rely on the X server giving a decent DPI value. (GNOME bug 643704)
  • In Totem Tim-Philipp Müller fixed screenshotting of interlaced videos. (GNOME bug 640993)
  • On the infrastructure side, in the sysadmin-bin module Olav Vitters started rewriting and improving many of the release tools.
  • Debbie Beliveau patched GNOME System Monitor to also show the CPU model on ARM. (GNOME bug 606769)
  • Cosimo Cecchi made a huge pass on Adwaita to restyle the theme according to 3.0 designs.
  • Transmageddon was updated by Christian Schaller so that all transcoding is now done by the encodebin engine.
  • Ray Strode updated GNOME Screensaver to get the user face from the accounts service. (GNOME bug 643162)
  • In GNOME Shell Guillaume Desmottes fixed the status menu to change Instant Messaging presence when needed. (GNOME bug 617207), while David Zeuthen moved the calendar handling to be out-of-process. (GNOME bug 641396)
  • Lucian Langa fixed evolution-rss to work asynchronously, so it doesn’t block the Evolution process. (GNOME bug 634478)

Top projects

Project Commits
tracker 126
gtk+ 95
gedit 82
gnome-themes-standard 77
gnome-shell 75
kupfer 67
gimp 63
gnome-control-center 60
pygobject 46
anjuta 45

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Cosimo Cecchi 86 gnome-themes-standard, gtk+, nautilus and others
Matthias Clasen 65 glib, gtk+, gnome-themes-standard and others
Kjartan Maraas 57 gnome-control-center, gnome-settings-daemon, gnumeric and others
Michael Natterer 55 gimp, gtk+, atk
Rudolfs Mazurs 53 at-spi2-core, nautilus, at-spi2-atk and others
Daniel Nylander 50 damned-lies, network-manager-applet, almanah and others
Jim Campbell 50 gedit
Ulrik Sverdrup 50 kupfer
Aleksander Morgado 47 tracker
Florian Brosch 41 valadoc