Issue 129

March 27, 2011

This week… 3322 commits, in 211 projects, by 323 happy hackers (and 845 were translation commits).

  • Mukund Sivaraman changed the default PNG compression level in gegl from 9 to 3; a compression level of 9 with large natural images such as those GEGL processes consumes a *lot* of CPU time with little benefit.
  • Diego Escalante Urrelo updated the epiphany greasemonkey extension to use the new EphyDownload.
  • Michael Wood contributed to Grilo an API to access picture related metadata.
  • Eitan Isaacson added support for video upload to Youtube in libsocialweb.
  • Philip Withnall changed libgdata to use HTTPS for all communications with the server. (GNOME bug 644940)
  • Lucian Langa added proper support for Atom enclosures to evolution-rss.
  • Dave Crossland changed the password bullet to a square from a circle, to maintain consistency with the overall type design of Cantarell.
  • John Stowers added support for font hinting to gnome-tweak-tool.
  • Mike Gorse ported registryd session management code from dbus-glib to gdbus.
  • Matt Davey completed the gnome-pilot applet migration to GTK+ 3.
  • In mutter Florian Müllner adjusted the position of attached dialogs to fit on-screen.
  • Vincent Untz ported the gnome-panel launchers to GSettings.
  • Richard Hughes added code to generate a 3D gamut hull of any 3 color profile in gnome-color-manager, he blogged about this in gnome-color-manager and profiles.
  • Last but not least, the documentation team worked really hard on the new desktop help.

Top projects

Project Commits
tracker 214
gnome-user-docs 178
gnome-shell 137
kupfer 113
gimp 104
empathy 95
gtk+ 92
gnome-panel 87
gedit 76
gnome-control-center 74

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Vincent Untz 114 gnome-panel, gnome-session, libwnck and others
Ulrik Sverdrup 105 kupfer
Michael Natterer 89 gimp, gtk+
Cosimo Cecchi 70 nautilus, gnome-themes-standard, gtk+ and others
Carlos Garnacho 58 tracker, gtk+
Daniel Mustieles 52 kupfer, libgda, gnome-user-docs and others
William Jon McCann 50 gnome-backgrounds, gnome-packagekit, gnome-control-center and others
Murray Cumming 50 glibmm, gtkmm, libegg and others
Garrett Regier 49 libpeas, gtk+, gedit and others
Tiffany Antopolski 46 gnome-user-docs, evince