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I’m back from Amsterdam with a ton of pictures (most of them really ugly: I’m not much of a photographer), that will be uploaded on Flickr, if and when I find the time/bandwidth.

Since my parents first, and my brother next are leaving for their holidays too, me and Marta are going to stay at my parents place for a week or so; unfortunately, here I don’t have a broadband connection but just a 56k one – and that is paaaainfully sloooooow: how on earth did we use it and survive after using it? And mind you me: I’ve used any connection from a 14.4k to a T3 connection, only that now I have a couple of CVS trees to look up and a box to maintain up to date.

Anyway, I’m preparing coffee and chocolate for a long night of downloads – just like when I dist-upgraded my old Potato to Unstable, three years ago.