Get Innocous!

Lately, people have been trying Clutter, and reported bugs and misbehaviours. When asked what revision they were using, it turned out that they did a checkout from Clutter-core trunk. I made this point on the mailing list already, but I’ll just blog it so that it doesn’t get lost (until we have set up some web archives for the list): Clutter trunk is meant to break basically with each commit – so you should checkout trunk only if you want to help developing Clutter. If you want to use Clutter from SVN, check out the clutter-0-2 branch. Each stable release of Clutter (0.2, the next 0.4, etc) is guaranteed to be ABI and API compatible within the same minor release; until we reach 1.0, we’ll also keep providing support for parallel installations, so that you can target a specific minor revision without breaking.

So, if you want to try out Clutter, use the stable branch – and remember to file bugs against that.