Paint the Silence/3: Gran Finale

the third and final installment of the ongoing saga

thanks to Damien, I finally found a way to shut up libtool and get a clean output for the build of a project: shave.

Clutter is the first project using it, and I already easily caught compiler warnings ((even without using the anal-retentive compiler flags and -Werror)) because my terminal is not full of crappy, four lines long incantations ((and even though I’m not an autotools ninja, at least I read the documentation and not just blindly copy stuff from various projects in the hope they work; so the autotools setup in Clutter is pretty much well tested so that I don’t need to worry that files get installed in a different location than expected)).

big kudos to Damien!

2 Replies to “Paint the Silence/3: Gran Finale”

  1. You didn’t pay attention to a single word I said last time, did you.

    This “shave” monstrosity is even worse than make –silent plus echo commands, because you have now introduced yet another layer of translation between what appears in the Makefile and what actually gets executed.

    What was wrong with the suggestion to write an output filter for your own personal use rather than infecting everyone else with this madness?

  2. @Zack: I did, and I decided that none of your arguments were valid for the projects I’m interested in, or maintain. you tried to make your case and simply failed at that.

    put it at rest, will ya?

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