Going to GUADEC

both my talk proposals made the cut for GUADEC 20101.

my first submission is a GUADEC tradition since 2008 : the state of the union talk for Clutter. the talk last year at GCDS got great feedback, and the modified version at LCA did too, which means that I’ll have to work really hard to improve it. luckily, with all the good stuff going in Clutter 1.4 it won’t be hard. :-)

the second submission is called So you think you can release and it is about project and release management, especially for libraries approaching the much dreaded “1.0” release. this talk has a funny background; I actually thought it up, and started writing as a wiki page, around 3am in my hotel room at LCA 2010, the day before giving my Clutter talk there. I literally woke up with the slides in my head, and when I started writing them down it felt like transcribing a talk that I had already given.

so, long story short:

obviously, though, I’m not going to GUADEC just because I have to give a talk: all the accepted submissions are so good that it’s definitely a conference worth attending if you’re interested not just in the GNOME project, but also in the Linux-based desktop and mobile environments — plus I get to see, and listen to, and talk to people that I only meet once a year or so, and meet the new faces in the GNOME community2.

  1. for total disclosure, yes: I was in the papers committee, just like I’ve been in 2008 and 2009; no: I did not review my proposals, for obvious reasons; and let me tell you: the competition was fierce — at least 75% of the ~90 submissions were so good that I honestly thought that I wouldn’t have a chance to get a talk in, let alone two []
  2. plus, this is going to be my last GUADEC as a non-member of the Old Farts club :-) []