Code Quality

Morten, it’s actually my fault.

the patch that was submitted was the incorrect one; I’ve been fixing the implementation since then, mostly because the API is correct — and went through different eyeballs to ensure that — and we wanted to land it before the GLib freeze. the implementation, alas, has issues — and not just the ones you saw.

as I said, it’s definitely my fault: I reviewed the original in a way that was less than acceptable. I sincerely apologize for that.

okay, having said that, and resuming my usual self: bitching on planet GNOME is not going to get anything fixed. insulting the maintainer when the issue lies mostly in a “patch lieutenant” (such as myself) is also not how polite people deal with errors.

finally, saying that the code needs to be taken out back is a lame cop-out and it is an untenable position for anyone contributing. the code went in, there were issues, so it needs to be fixed. if we waited for perfect code the amount of merged we’d get would be zero. that code has been in the bug for the past 6 months, and it’s been discussed in the past IRC meetings, with public minutes and logs.

so, please: file bugs. I’ll try to close them faster than you can open them.