Culling of the Fold

I’ve received a bunch of questions about the state of the perl-Clutter bindings in the past couple of years; I entertained a vain hope of returning to actively maintaining them, but the effort of actually maintaining the underlying C library left little to no time for bindings (just ask the pyclutter users).

luckily, the stellar work done by Torsten Sch̦nfeld on Glib::Object::Introspection allowed me to jump start an introspection-based binding module for Clutter in about half an hour Рincluding the time spent porting one of the examples in the C API reference to Perl.

perl-Clutter is in, and it works pretty much like perl-Gtk3 — same Dist::Zilla based setup, same dependencies.

contributions are very much welcome — though I’ll try to reserve some spare time for going back to the same levels of compatibility as the old, static bindings. one area for new contributors is pure-Perl overrides to paper over the C API; another is writing Cogl bindings, possibly static ones like perl-Cairo, as the Cogl API is not very introspection-friendly.