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All the Old Showstoppers

okay, new rule1: it’s okay to install a GObject property like this: pspec = g_param_spec_string (“title”, “Title”, “The title of the item”, NULL, G_PARAM_READWRITE); g_object_class_install_property (gobject_class, PROP_TITLE, pspec); instead of the usual way you see in other GObject-based libraries, where … Continue reading

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Road to Somewhere

well, after eating my dog food for a while, it seems that Tweet is starting to get more useful. first of all, now Tweet has an authentication dialog which allows you to enter your username and password the first time … Continue reading

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Good Intentions/2

gtk+: I’ve been working again on the RecentManager and in trunk you’ll see some new stuff, namely: use GIO to determine the MIME type of a URI, on every platform supported use the file monitoring API to avoid polling the … Continue reading

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last post of the Berlin Hackfest series, written on the last minutes of day 5 today was “wrap up” day. we got together in the room used for the presentations and summed up all our work during the various sessions … Continue reading

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Stinging Velvet

Clutter – If release 0.4 rocked hard, release 0.6 of Clutter will blow your mind away. Just to list some features landed in the past couple of weeks after ClutterScript got in: new event handling, borrowing from the W3C DOM … Continue reading

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Today I committed to Clutter trunk ClutterScript, the initial support for defining the scenegraph using external files. You can think of it as the GtkBuilder equivalent for Clutter. During the 0.3 development cycle we considered using XML and JSON, and … Continue reading

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Flying Teapot

Clutter 0.4.0 was, finally, released two days ago. Not only the core and add-on libraries but also the language bindings are available for this new stable release cycle. We already started working on trunk for the 0.5/0.6 development cycle, which … Continue reading

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Take it or leave it

After the comments on my latest blog post, I got back at Unique and did some rearrangements in the code base. Now the backends are all compiled in (obviously, depending on whether you have the dependencies to compile them) and … Continue reading

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Strange news from another star

I’ve been promising a release of GtkUnique for a while now, but work and other stuff got in the way of the namespace change-slash-rewrite. Yesterday I finally got around finishing the porting of the Unix domain sockets backend (or “bacon”) … Continue reading

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Time is Running Out

Today I committed a couple of fixes to GtkRecentManager and I thought it was worth mentioning them on pgo. Up until now, GtkRecentManager instances were available either via the gtk_recent_manager_new() constructor – which left the memory management duties to the … Continue reading

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