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Going Mobile

At the end of this week I’ll be in Copenhagen for the Nordic Perl Workshop. I’ll give two talks about GNOME and Perl: the first one is about binding GObject-based libraries in Perl and using the Perl bindings in order … Continue reading

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Time For Lovin’

You can see I’m listening to the Beastie Boys, right now In the last three days I’ve finally managed to resolve as fixed these GTK+ bugs: Bug 347375 – Not possible to set startup notification ID on a GtkWindow Bug … Continue reading

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GNOME 2.18 is out! Go and check it out! Obviously, the release of GNOME 2.18 means that we can now start working on 2.20 – after a well deserved beer. ;-)

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Of Angels And Angles

GtkApplication class: I’ve updated the application class page on the wiki. Now, it has an updated layout of the API (which is what I’m currently working on) and the design requirements it should fulfil. While writing it I had some … Continue reading

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Live Wire

Back from FOSDEM 2007, after a little detour in Helsinki. I’ve opened a bug for the places support in GtkFileChooser: #413076. Attached to it you’ll find a patch; it should be taken with a grain of salt: it’s still a … Continue reading

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Like Eating Glass

Desktop-devel-list (d-d-l) is an interesting place. You follow discussions that usually tend to fork off, moving through tangential arguments; but, in the end, some stuff keeps turning up. Lately, for instance, every thread seems to end up on discussing about … Continue reading

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Come and See

Decemberists: Yesterday evening, The Decemberists were in London, and made a wonderful concert at Shepherd Bush. I’ve fallen in love with the band after vieweing the video of their song Sixteen Military Wives and I started getting my hands on … Continue reading

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Small Stakes

Tonight I released version 2.17.90 of the GNOME Utilities package. It’s not just another release: it marks the end of the work on the interactive dialog of the screenshot utility: Now every command line switch is replicated on the interactive … Continue reading

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A couple of days ago, thos wrote about the branding of the GNOME System Monitor; soon after that, a bug was opened about the image – how the colour was off for every non-blue theme, and how it went against … Continue reading

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John Saw That Number

Thanks to Ross and his mad python-fu skillz, now we have a working Python binding for gtkunique – for the brave souls which may want to use it. The repositories locations have been changed, after the servers update at OpenedHand, … Continue reading

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