John Saw That Number

Thanks to Ross and his mad python-fu skillz, now we have a working Python binding for gtkunique – for the brave souls which may want to use it.

The repositories locations have been changed, after the servers update at OpenedHand, so here’s where the fun is:

  trunk:  bzr branch
  python: bzr branch
  perl:   bzr branch

Testing is greatly appreciated.

gtkunique future: GtkUnique is API frozen, and feature complete as far as I’m concerned (bug fixing and eventual feature requests notwithstanding). I’ve opened a bug for integration into GTK+: #378260. You can watch it and give your opinion there.

2 Replies to “John Saw That Number”

  1. It would be a good idea to do what people on the list said already, make sure it doesn’t use the gtk_ namespace before it’s in gtk, otherwise there will be problems later.

  2. gtkunique app is missing the file docs/reference/gtkunique-overrides.txt which is required to “make dist” for generating a source tarball. Creating an empty file is sufficient to fix this.

    I’m attempting to make an Ubuntu package, so I wanted a clean tarball from “make dist” to base the package on.

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