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Flying Teapot

final checks and the usual ohmygodwhycan’tIfindanything mode before I take the flight to Boston for the User Experience hackfest organized by Owen, Federico and Vincent. Neil and I will be talking about Clutter, what it does, and what it can … Continue reading

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day two of the gtk+ hackfest. yesterday was devoted to the Imendio vision of a better toolkit, and how to get out of the hole we dug for ourselves with the current API/ABI contract – but others have written about … Continue reading

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Going Mobile

At the end of this week I’ll be in Copenhagen for the Nordic Perl Workshop. I’ll give two talks about GNOME and Perl: the first one is about binding GObject-based libraries in Perl and using the Perl bindings in order … Continue reading

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A Sort of Homecoming

Sci-fi – I’ve ordered on the DVD box of the first (and last) season of Firefly and I think it really was a great show, where Joss Whedon really tried to follow the path of Isaac Asimov, and show … Continue reading

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Long time, no blog. Here’s a brief recap of what happened in the last three weeks: Matthias Clasen has began reviewing the Recent Documents code, and we are planning to get it merged beginning next week; I sent a recap … Continue reading

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There And Back Again

There (to Berlin) and Back (to work) again. Continue reading

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packing again, me and Marta are leaving tomorrow for Berlin. we’ll get back in seven days, with a ton of photos.

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