A Year of Clutter

so, GUADEC/GCDS is now halfway through, and it’s been a pretty cool conference so far. obviously, lots of talks and loads of people to meet and to talk to.

Rob did a roundup of the talks that the Intel/Moblin contingent has done and will do here.

yesterday, like Josh and Rob ((also known as “the yummy Rob Bradford”)), I had my talk on a technology used by Moblin and that can be (or are already) shared with the GNOME Mobile and Desktop platforms.

I talked about Clutter and the 1.0 release; what does it mean, what will be the future direction and some of the highlights of the Clutter library in its current state. instead of using my 30 minutes to do a big talk, I decided to split them into four, five minutes lightning talks, plus an introduction and a conclusion (still five minutes each). I think it worked out pretty well, given the feedback, and I had much more fun while writing it and while delivering it. I’ll put it online on the moblin.org website as soon as the network connection I have access to gets more reliable.

other talks worth of mention: obviously, the gnome-shell and the zeitgest ones, and alexl’s client-side-windows talk. great work by everyone involved — you are all my heroes.

The Wanting Comes in Waves

so, we’re finally free to show what we’ve been doing for the past six months:

it’s been a great ride — and it’s just getting started. we’ve been pushing Clutter forward and center of an entire platform user experience, and it was up to to the task to a degree that excited me, and made me incredibly proud.

the Moblin 2.0 UI is also one of the reasons we delayed the 1.0 release — the other being that we wanted to be confident in the API, since we’re going to be committing to it for the next two to three years. the wait is almost over: we’re planning a 1.0 release of Clutter by the end of May ((hopefully, it’ll all be fixed by that time :-) )). prepare yourself to have muchy more fun with Clutter!