The Wanting Comes in Waves

so, we’re finally free to show what we’ve been doing for the past six months:

it’s been a great ride — and it’s just getting started. we’ve been pushing Clutter forward and center of an entire platform user experience, and it was up to to the task to a degree that excited me, and made me incredibly proud.

the Moblin 2.0 UI is also one of the reasons we delayed the 1.0 release — the other being that we wanted to be confident in the API, since we’re going to be committing to it for the next two to three years. the wait is almost over: we’re planning a 1.0 release of Clutter by the end of May ((hopefully, it’ll all be fixed by that time :-) )). prepare yourself to have muchy more fun with Clutter!

10 Replies to “The Wanting Comes in Waves”

  1. Congratulations,
    It looks amazing !
    It’s a wonderful showcase for Clutter.
    I hope I will be able to work with this toolkit in the future.

  2. I have played with it a bit; looks very sexy. Unfortunately seems to not like the network card on my brand new HP mini. !@#@!#@!#ing almost-but-not-entirely-libre-driver machine.

  3. Looked through the screen-shots on the site and it looks so beautiful..
    Cant wait to give it a try :D

  4. Looking forward to using it. I think my parents will love it as well, since they’re linux users for quite a while now. I like nice and simple things :)

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