My GNOME 1.2 article was a great hit, even got glowing
reviews from Miguel on IRC. The nice people at Slashdot even
managed to put it up at such a time that it effectivly was
up for two days.
Linuxpower managed to stay afloat (easily actually) during
the Slashdotting and traffic has been steady comming in

Haven’t gotten around to proofreading my Dia article
yet since I have already started writing a new one about two
small GNOME tools called finder and grdb.
Then it is onto the editorial :)

So my GNOME 1.2 article is going up on linuxpower today. Hope
it is well recieved. One mistake fixed in editing was
writing Helix Code as Helixcode :). Only shows what happens
when you learn company names from email adresses.

Put togheter a small review of Dia last evening, will
send it of after I proof read it today. I also have an
editorial constructing itself in my mind called ‘The
political color of free software’. Since i always
considered my a libertarian I found it funny when I saw
of Samba fame say that Free Software was clearly
Socialism, which he was a supporter of.

Speaking of interviews, the debate article that Slashdot
where O’Reilly and Todd Dickinson of the US patent
office argued over software patents was frustrating reading.
Dickinson seemed like a bad replica of Ayn Rand’s; Ellsworth

Wow, I am feeling woozy.
I haven’t slept all night since I and my friends where
having a lan party. Then when I got home around 5 in the
morning I sat down and wrote a review of whats new in GNOME
1.2. Just sent it of to Erik and Jeremy so hopefully it will
pop up on either tommorow or on monday.
Now it is soon time to drive over to my mothers to celebrate
her birthday….it is hard work being the son all mothers
wish they had :)

Decided to ditch my whole TurboLinux installation and go
back to using RedHat on both my machines. The 6.0.4
installation was a great disapointment with the X
configurator never managing to set up my screen correctly.
The sound config was also flawed, but I managed to get that
working eventually.

Now I am back with RH 6.2 and everything worked perfectly.
Guess the lesson is that infidelity doesn’t pay of when it
comes to distributions.

The only problem now is that the early announcement of Helix
GNOME on Slashdot, ruined the whole mirroring system which
has made all server except the master server next to
useless. Hmm.

Anyways as soon as the Helix update is finished I will write
GNOME 1.2 summary for

Also my hard earned lesson of the day;
don’t present
religious friends with titles such as ‘codegod’ or similar,
they often feel that the term ‘God’ should only be placed
upon God.

Hmm, I decided to reinstall my TurboLinux installation after
failing to build lots of things. I figured that I have
installed so much alpha level software on it, which probably
have messed up the system in the end. I have installed
TurboLinux over ftp with success before so that was my plan
now too.
What I hadn’t planed on was that the installation routine
would not support my 10/100 Compaq ethernet card so the
install failed after reformating my previous
I ended up going to the nearest shop and buying the cheapest
PCI ethernet adapter available, which was a Accton Cheetah.
It worked perfectely, the installation even autodetected it,
and I am now in the proccess of a full reinstall. Cool thing
as that they even had a ‘For Linux’ mark on the box.
I also noticed Eskils
diary entries today, where he puts in some funny remarks in
danish about his current situation. Having a language not
understood by 99.9 of the world population (like we have
here in Scandinavia) is sometimes very fun.

Small comment in Norwegian:
Lykke til med boligjakten Eskil :)

Aargh!!!! One of the things I liked about Linux when
geting aboard was the availability of software, even if it
was under development. This meant that even if the software
wasn’t finished at least it let often let me do what I
wanted or use the program at its current level of operation.

Although I wouldn’t want to go back to the ‘good’ old days
of not having this option I sometimes get quite frustrated
with Linux and the feeling of always having to work so damn
much when I want to get something working.

Today I wanted to get some RPMS of Galway made, which
needs a couple of under development libraries, gtkhtml and
gnome-guile to be precise. Gtkhtml fails when I try to
compile it with some message about bonobo. I have bonobo and
oaf installed, but this doesn’t seem to help, neither does
setting gtkhtml to compile without bonobo support, it still
fails complaining about bonobo problems.
Gnome-guile has among other things bindings for gtkhtml so I
haven’t even tried that one.

So I send of a mail to the gnome-list about my compile
problems and decide to try to get DVD support working

First of all I then get the choice of patching my 2.2
kernel or getting a 2.3 kernel to get the UDF file system. I
choose the 2.3 kernel option. The kernel upgrade goes well
and I can mount my DVD.
The next step then is setting up the DVD playing software,
first I try a nice looking package called gdvd, but that
doesn’t compile complaining about something missing from the
gtk header file, so I instead try gdxr2 which compiles, but
doesn’t find my dxr2 device, neither does the command line
player. Aaaargh, why does everything have to been so damn
much trouble. Could be the same dxr2 /Athlon problem I have
under windooze, I don’t know, and I don’t care anymore (at
least not today). Hmm, I know things would go easier if I
more proficient and could fix bugs myself in the code and
and scripts, but currently I am stuck in this userland

Conclusion; sometimes life suck even in linuxland.

Well the day hasn’t been a complete waste I updated my
enabled RPM package for Turbolinux of both Gnucash and
Abiword at so I guess some of my effort paid
of today. And I got my daily dose of excersise
playing football (soccer) with my friends.

Back from vacation, Guadelope was beutiful and Barbados was
a nice place to party. Since almost nobody spoke any english
in Guedelope I had to increase my french vocabulary from 0
to 20 while there. French is truly a beutiful language, I
actually got a wish to learn it for real while there, time
will tell if that wish actually leads to something or if it
just ends up in /dev/null.
Guadelope is a very green and living island, the beaches was
and you could walk around as a tourist without being
bothered by people wanting to sell you something or beg
While Barbados had some nice nightclubs and a many youths
wanting to party, the island it itself isn’t that much I
think. All the forest is cut down and the island now feels
dead and dry. Also there was a lot of bothersome
streetsellers bothering us with offers of useless trinckets.

Nice to return though and find that Helix had a lot of
updated stuff ready for download :), although I don’t
understand why they don’t bundle a version of Abiword with
the Gnome optimisations.

Due to easter I have some extra time on my hands. Put it to
resonable good use with a full redesign of my
website. Still lots to do , but at least
now it is at a level where I can beef it up a little bit at
a time.

I have also spent time writing articles for, one is about a couple of the distributions
makers, it is bound to create a little storm, but I think it
is time
that somebody points the fingers at the destructive policies
of these
I also started a yet another update /cleanup of my
directories on I have deleted everything
which duplicates Helixcode and added things that Helix
doesn’t include yet. One of my plans are to add Bonobo
enabled applications to the unstable branch, but I am
currently having some problems with the apps compiling due
to some problem with bonobo.h hmmm
I also made an icon for gnome-breakout, which I think the
author is planning to use, and sent of a set of questions to
Micheal Meeks for the interview I am doing with him for

Hmm, got bitten by the package building bug and startet to
make packages for the OpenGL related GNOME stuff. The
result is that there are TurboLinux packages of gtkglarea,
gtkmm and Terraform.

Made a package of xtraceroute
too, extremely cool app, but to unstable for me to publish
the package, at least since the current author AFAIK doesn’t
maintain it anymore. To bad, because if completed it could
become a gtk\gnome killer app.
Hmm, maybe completing it should be my ‘learning to code’

Wrote an article for Linxupower about Webdownloader for
Great app, to bad it isn’t GPL.

Holiday, Oslo visit and Xmame

Another day, another entry. Got my tickets and booking recipets for my 16 day vacation on Guadalope and Barbados. Was a brochure from one of the hotels which almost brought tears of joy to my eyes. I am really going to Paradise in
about 11 days. Yippee.

Was a interesting article about non-coding contributors on Advogato today. Personally, it is my experience that coders are very grateful and good at showing their appreciation when you do something usefull for them, be it translations, RPM making or bug reporting. (okay, maybe not bug reports :)

Tigert had posted an comment about Ewing doing Tux, which lead me to notice that Ewing and a lot of other people had certified Tigert as Journeyer. Well it could be correct that Tigert is a Journeyer when it comes to
coding, but he is definetly a Master when it comes to being a graphical artist. The question that comes to mind then of course is if Advogato is a place for coders or for free software people in general? My impression was that advogato was supposed to be a place for all kinds of free software people, and that people would be rated based upon their area of expertise in regard to free software not just on their coding skills, but I could very well be me making stupid assumptions. Well enough ranting.

Telsa and Alan has now put up the pictures from the Oslo trip, you will find them here There is even a nice picture of me in the batch. I bought some small presentents today which I am shipping of to Alan, Telsa and Michael as my way of saying thanks for them being such wonderful guests while here.

I started making RPMS of xmame and grustibus the other day, which was a task I discovered was easier said than done. Grustibus was no problem in itself, but recompiling Xmame was no easy task, at least not with the settings I wanted. I almost got working solution now, but it is not as optimal as I want it to be, luckily easter is coming up so I can waste a lot more time on this issue :)