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Lazy loading

Little post about a useful design pattern in GLib and GTK, written down after a question on the #gtk+ channel While I’m not Philip and I won’t go as far as talking about this in public, I wrote down a … Continue reading

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With the incoming release of Gnome 2.13.90, we are approaching the 2.14 version of Gnome. Now, features are frozen, and soon even changing the UI will require at least two approvals (one from the GUP and one from the release … Continue reading

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The next release of gnome-utils, 2.13.90, will make libgdict adhere to the API/ABI freeze, even if it’s not part of the Gnome Developer Platform but only of the Desktop. The freeze had been in effect since the last release (January … Continue reading

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There And Back Again

There (to Berlin) and Back (to work) again. Continue reading

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Yesterday, while I was at university waiting for a seminar about network security, I was on #gnome-it, and pbor asked me to look at a leak in EggRecentModel. I began wading through the code, but I didn’t found the leakage … Continue reading

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Dictionary Applet/3

In case you’ve been wondering if I had disappeared or something… I’m in the middle of a session of exams, this week (four of them, to be precise), and I’ve had to cut down hacking time; nevertheless, I’ve been able … Continue reading

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I began working on a perl binding for the key file parser inside Glib. I have an implementation almost ready, albeit not usable right now. I’d like to translate a key file structure to the more perlish equivalent of an … Continue reading

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