Recent Menu

recent-chooser: Finally, after more than one month of hacking on the RecentManager object, I’ve been able to create a reasonable “Open Recent” menu widget:

Obligatory screenshot of the new and improved recent menu

The icon code is placed in the RecentInfo object, and it’s based on the GtkFileSystemUnix code, complete with the pixbuf cache (ideally, it should be shared across GtkFileChooser implementations and GtkRecentChooser implementations).

Right now, it does not have filtering abilities other than a filter function you must feed to the RecentManager (for that, I’ll implement a RecentFilter object); also, the “Clear” item is always shown, and the tooltips aren’t attached yet.

But it’s a start, and it’s also a way lot saner than the current EggRecentViewGtk object (starting from the class name).

recent-files: bug-fixing still going on… The bug count is down to twenty items, with 6 marked as enhancement (which I keep open as a feature reminder).