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A couple of weeks ago, me and Marta had some spare time on our hands, and since I had “retired” my old server (wolverine) before leaving for Amsterdam, I needed a new linux box doing all the dirty stuff for my home network.

I also had a personal project of doing a case mod, so I decided that this was the perfect occasion to try and do something neat and geek.

I retrieved two boxes full of various bricks of Lego®, an old motherboard with a P2@233MHz and 128 MB of RAM, the old 15GB hdd from wolverine[1] and the ISO image of the first Debian Sarge disk.

After a full afternoon for building the case, and another day for configuring the whole thing, here’s xavier, the new server for my home LAN.

[1] which got upgraded to a 80GB disk and declared as a “workstation” when I switched from a poorly updated Debian Unstable to a brand new Ubuntu Hoary Hedgeog.