I’ve just committed my development trunk of Dictionary on the CVS, as usual to new-dictionary branch.


  • a navigation menu, with shortcuts for first/previous/next/last definitions
  • a Ctrl+Shift+G shortcut for search backwards
  • a “Save a Copy” menu item, used to save the content of the query to a text file;

It also features a stub for the user’s manual and some clean-ups for the build system.

What’s next?

I’m working on the printing system and the preferences dialog.

I’ve decided to remove the font preference, in order to make it the same of the desktop; I don’t want yet another font chooser. The only place where it makes sense to have another font is when printing – and for that we might just have a key in GConf.

Also, the text highlighting is going to be scaled down: since we are going to use multiple dictionary sources, over multiple languages, we really don’t know a priori some things, like how the enumerations will look like. The only text modifiers I’m going to keep will be [...] attributions (which will be rendered using italics); \...\ phonetics (which will be rendered in a styled color, default: gray); {...} links (which will be rendered in a styled color, default: blue).


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