Dictionary Applet/10

The merge of the new-dictionary branch into gnome-utils HEAD is fast approaching: I’ve set the deadline to the end of the week – in time to write off the last bits of the preferences dialog:

the sources tab of the preferences dialog

Right now, you can’t add or activate a new dictionary source, unless you write the .desktop file and drop it into $HOME/.gnome2/gnome-dictionary, and then change the /apps/gnome-dictionary/source key inside GConf – but I plan to have this nailed down in the next couple of days (the UI for both display and edit has already been designed using Glade).

the printing tab of the preferences dialog

The font selection thingy for the printed output is, instead, already working.

Known regressions: the text highlighting is still missing, and I don’t know if it’s going to make it not only before the merge deadline, but also before UI freeze.


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  1. Did you consider using the words “Source” and “Print” rather than Sources and Printing. Not sure if there is any rule (I dont think there is) but somehow it seems like it might be better, maybe you’d try it out and see what you think yourself?

    Odd to have a Radiolist with only a single item and on a white background but I expect you have designed with room for more sources later on.

  2. alan: as for the tab labels, I’ll try. for the single radiolist, yes: both the user and others might add new sources, and they will appear inside the list.

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