Spawn of hell

auto-tools: from the same people that brought you EMACS.

After two hours of struggling with that damned make distcheck, in order to smoke test the merge of the new-dictionary branch of gnome-utils, I’ve finally been greeted by:

gnome-utils-2.13.4.tar.gz is ready for distribution

After a bit of clean up, I’m going to commit it to HEAD.

Update 20051216@19:18 The new GNOME Dictionary is in gnome-utils HEAD; the old Dictionary is gone into the Attic. I for one welcome our new dictionary overlords.


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One Response to Spawn of hell

  1. pbor says:

    great, I’ll check it out later.

    Maybe removing gdict has been a bit excessive though: iirc it was included in gnome-utils with a bit of cvs magic, but its sources were in a separate module… maybe removing the include was enough… or maybe you already knew this and I should check my facts :)

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