Well, it’s been a full week since I moved to London, and everything is coming along quite nicely. The house is really cool, with a big bedroom and an even bigger dining room. It’s still missing some bits of furniture, like a dining table and its chairs, but the Ikea is going to have yet another visit from me and Marta; there’s something reassuring in the way Ikea shops look all the same in every country you are – like a beacon in a sea of strangeness: cars on the wrong way, public transportation and bureocracy that work, upholstery even in the bathroom, etc. Anyway, I think that I’ll just get used to it. Well, to most of it. :-)

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5 Responses to London

  1. Simon Morris says:

    So…. you know Lonix is tomorrow right??

    and GLLUG is later this month…

    Are you going to come and say “Hi”? :-)

  2. Giorgio says:

    come pensi di sopravvivere senza un bidè?

  3. ebassi says:

    simon: if I can make it, it would be nice indeed. :-)

    giorgio: doccia e tanta pazienza. ;-)

  4. Giorgio says:

    beh, in bocca al lupo per tutto :)

  5. Matt says:

    Penso che lo trovi un bide’ a Ikea… essenziale! Benvenuto a Londra.

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