Bridges and Balloons

after a rather interesting, albeit not really eventful, journey that spanned cars, buses, a train, and a plane, I’m finally in the lovely Brno — with 2 degrees Celsius and a lot of snow — for the 2012 GTK+ hackfest.

unlike the previous two hackfests, and against my usual inability to write interesting stuff, I’ll try and live-blog the event as much as I can.

as you can see on the wiki page, the agenda is pretty dense, and it’s going to be an intense 6 days hackathon, filled with discussions as much as coding. my part? talking about rainbows and unicorns, obviously.

a lot happened in the months between the Desktop Summit in Berlin, where we first sat down and talked about what Clutter does, and what GTK needs; there has been various progress in the Clutter API towards a sane base for a 2.0 release. if you try and compile an existing application using Clutter with the 1.9 developers snapshots, you’ll notice the depth and breadth of deprecations and API additions. a lot more needs to change — and some of this work on getting from here to there is detailed on the Clutter wiki, under the not at all threatening name of Clutter Apocalypses. I’ll try and write other blog posts about how I envision those changes, and why I think they are necessary for a 2.0 API version.