Youth and Beauty Brigade

first day of the GTK+ Hackfest.

while we waited for various participants to arrive, discussions started on a couple of topics:

  • accessibility — Benjamin reported on the various discussions and deliberations that happened during the latest Accessibility Hackfest; what we want to achieve is a state in which the accessibility team has fewer headaches working around issues in the toolkit, and can instead work on the toolkit itself. there is also a question of what kind of API to expose to application developers, not just for people writing AT apps, but also for people writing UI testing suites.
  • multi-touch — Chase, Benjamin, Ryan, and occasionally myself, caught up a bit on the overall issues of what kind of API to expose from GTK+ to applications, and what kind of approaches we should be using internally. the bulk of the discussion will resume either this evening, where alcohol will be involved in making them long and very much detailed; or tomorrow, where hangover will keep them focused and short.

plus, people were really interested in the correctness of the regular expression on my tee, which was initially amusing, up until the point a whiteboard and a state machine were involved. occupational hazards, I guess.

I also want to point out that at no point knives, or other weaponry, was involved in the various discussions.

I’d like to thank Red Hat (and the Red Hat office in Brno) for offering the conference room for the hackfest.