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GNOME 2.18 is out! Go and check it out! Obviously, the release of GNOME 2.18 means that we can now start working on 2.20 – after a well deserved beer. ;-)

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Small Stakes

Tonight I released version 2.17.90 of the GNOME Utilities package. It’s not just another release: it marks the end of the work on the interactive dialog of the screenshot utility: Now every command line switch is replicated on the interactive … Continue reading

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John Saw That Number

Thanks to Ross and his mad python-fu skillz, now we have a working Python binding for gtkunique – for the brave souls which may want to use it. The repositories locations have been changed, after the servers update at OpenedHand, … Continue reading

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Song for Sunshine

I just made two releases for gnome-utils: the first is 2.16.2, another release in the stable branch, which fixes a couple of bugs in Baobab and Screenshot that were also fixed in HEAD and deemed important enough to be backported. … Continue reading

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Little Earthquakes

After two weeks without working on it, this evening I finally returned to GtkUnique and finished the bacon-like backend. Now, beside using D-Bus and Xlibs, you can use Un*x sockets as an IPC method to send a command to a … Continue reading

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Special Delivery

I almost forgot – this should tell you how bad a maintainer I am ;-) – but Lennart’s blog reminded me: the ringchart code hit Baobab HEAD: The ringchart view is really nice – even though I still very much … Continue reading

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Behold the power of Clutter! Clutter is a pretty raw user interface toolkit for building heavily visually applications for platforms such as media boxes and kiosks. It’s built on various GNOME libraries such as Pango and GObject, uses Gstreamer for … Continue reading

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Tap Dancing on a Mine

I’ve just released version 1.031 of the Gnome2::GConf Perl module binding libgconf. In this release, thanks to Laurent Simonneau, I dropped the Gtk2 dependency, making Gnome2::GConf depend only on the Glib Perl module (and the libgconf C library, obviously). Gnome2::GConf … Continue reading

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The Mariner’s Revenge Song

From the libegg’s ChangeLog: 2006-05-07 Emmanuele Bassi Finally deprecate EggRecent. So long, and thanks for all the bugs. * libegg/recent-files/THIS_IS_DEPRECATED_USE_GTK_RECENT_CHOOSER: * libegg/recent-files/egg-recent-model.h: Deprecate the EggRecent code, now that GTK 2.9.0 is out; if you want to compile it, you must … Continue reading

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Gtk+ 2.9.0 released

Finally, the first development release of GTK+ (codenamed The Magic Project Ridley aka libgnome sucks release by a developer whose name won’t be disclosed in this blog) has been finally sealed by Matthias Clasen yesterday, after battling with make distcheck. … Continue reading

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