The API has landed

The GtkRecent code is finally in gtk+ HEAD branch.

A couple of things are still missing, mostly documentation and examples (the exact list is here, if you want to check).

The code needed a year to take shape (I was beginning to mull over it a bit too much), but it is cleaner, more efficient and works better than the EggRecent code, that has been copied and pasted all around the world.

The heroes of this tale are undoubtedly: James Willcox, for writing the original code (even if he didn’t reply to my email about its state bad boy, bad boy); Federico Mena-Quintero, for listening to me while we were waiting at a terrible restourant in Stuttgart, and for saying: Go ahead, implement it, and everyone will love you!; Matthias Clasen (still no blog, Matthias?), for helping and suggesting and asking and for maintaining the Best. Toolkit. Ever.

This work is dedicated to my soon-to-be wife, Marta, and for the patience she had while I hacked till the wee hours of the morning. I love you.

And this is just the beginning… I sense bug reports coming…

Gnome-utils 2.13.95 – “Escape Velocity”

Seems like I forgot to announce the new release of gnome-utils; actually, this week-end I had a bad cold (I’m not completely cured, though), and standing in front of my laptop made my eyes sore after two or three minutes.

Anyway, the last release before March 15th is out. It should have been 2.13.94 (and it’s advertised as such inside the README and the NEWS files of the tarball, but who reads those files anyway?), but there has been some misunderstanding between the working copy I checked out from CVS in order to build the release and me. Well, it’s not the first time I fuck up something in the release process – and I’ve got the feeling that it won’t be the last.

The release contains just a couple of last minute fixes, like the handling of the transparency of the applet when the panel is set to a solid color and low opacity; also, the applet’s window can be closed using the Esc key.

Go get it and try it out.

Gnome-utils 2.13.92 – Gnome-utils vs. Bugzilla

This evening, before going to dinner with Marta at my parent’s, I did the 2.13.92 release of gnome-utils, codenamed Gnome-utils versus Bugzilla.

Since we have approached the feature freeze, the UI freeze and now the string freeze, it’s mostly a “fix and clean up” release; a couple of nasty bugs were fixed, though, like the not translatable name of the screenshot file name in the screenshot application, or the dictionary applet’s window flicker when toggled. Also, thanks to Paolo Borelli (and his constant checking out of each commit inside the entire CVS using Bonsai) the log viewer preferences code has been cleaned up a bit, making it more solid and reliable.

Unless new crashers or blocker bugs are found, I think this will be the last release before 2.14.0 hits the tarballs; so, please test it and report any bug you should find as soon as possible, so that we can make Gnome-utils better before the next stable release!

Gnome-utils 2.13.91 – Ain’t That a Brown Paper Bag?

The first second β-release of the Gnome-utils package is out!

Fixes for crashers, better error handling, font settings and much more!

Go get it!


Gnome-utils 2.13.90 had a glitch in the build system that resulted in the absence of the translations database in the package; thus I’ve just released the 2.13.91 version of gnome-utils, Ain’t that a brown paper bag, which fixes the glitch.

New release of gnome-utils

I’ve just rolled the 2.13.5 release of gnome-utils, code-named Optimized for Size.

This release sports a ton of fixes for Dictionary, which now can remember its size and state across sessions; the usage (in the Search Tool and in Dictionary) of the new, spiffy, faster and lighter GSlice slab allocator from GLib HEAD branch, which means that gnome-utils now forcefully depends on at least the 2.9.1 version of GLib; also, the Dictionary got two new localized dictionary sources, one for French and one for Spanish. I hope to add more of those sources, since it’s really quite easy and having localized dictionaries would make the Dictionary utility even more useful.

The full announcement has been posted on the gnome-utils mailing list, and it’s available here.

Be sure to grab it, test it and bug it.